Nepal Dairy (nd's) aims to be the leading dairy and food processing industry in the country. We have been successfully introducing varieties of dairy products as well as the milk based diversified food products harmonizing with the changing taste of upcoming generation. We are firmly committed to high quality production of world-class standard at most reasonable prices and giving consumer's services of high satisfaction. We do our best to create conducive environment to our customers at our various outlets. From the angle of national interest, our whole effort is found to center around at solving the national problem of milk holiday at the services of poor milk farmers.

Early Days :
    Nepal Dairy was established in 1981 by an enthusiastic group of entrepreneurs headed by pioneer in the field of Dairy Technology, Dr. Herambha B. Rajbhandary, the then General Manager of Dairy Development Corporation (DDC, 1972-79). It started as a Cottage Dairy in a most humble way in the busy streets of Mahaboudha, Kathmandu producing Dahi (Yogurt) in clay pots and some kinds of soft cheeses. It was brought into existence to break the monopoly of dairy business of Dairy Development Corporation, the State Owned Enterprise. The long experience and expertise of Dr. Rajbhandary has propelled Nepal Dairy Pvt. Ltd. to its steady growth reaching to its present height, showing at the same time its future prospects and possibilities of dairy industries in the private sector in Nepal. Present status of dairy industry in the private sector has sprouted first in the form of Nepal Dairy at early 1980's.
Today :
    Nepal Dairy has been making the finest quality dairy and milk based food products. Ever since its inception it has been enjoying the consumer's preference & priority of choice. Based on the established reputation, consumers today call Nepal Dairy - "The cream of Dairy".

    A highly skilled, dedicated, and experienced team use their expertise to make these products unique. Quality milk from the village farmers is collected to cater the demands of fluid milk, yogurt, cream, butter, ice cream, and cheese of the Kathmandu Metropolitan City, while nd's uses them as their raw material to diversify into milk based food product in the form of bakery, fast food, and other products of valued added consumers choices.

    Nepal Dairy has diversified its skill and expertise into various dairy based products of upcoming consumers' interest like pizzas, cakes, pastries, veg. & paneer momo, sweets, and fast foods and reaching the customers through its own service centers and various other outlets in the country.
Tomorrow :

    Nepal Dairy focuses on investments in dairy and food industry, two of the largest, most rapidly-growing and fundamental markets of the national economy. Nepal Dairy is highly committed to the consumer's services and satisfaction while truly serving poor farmers at the other end in consonance with the poverty alleviation program of our prioritized Development Plan. To achieve its objective it has developed a six prolonged strategy for future operation.

  • Diversification of the present dairy business towards dairy based bakery and fast food and to consume dairy products as raw materials in those industries.
  • Innovation of more value added products according to the changing taste of upcoming generation.
  • Specialization and professionalization in the product processing, manufacturing, packaging, and in marketing of the products.
  • Updating on information technology to keep track of R&D, scheduling, accounting, and customer information.
  • Improvement in production efficiency, reducing leakages, wastages, and other operational costs.
  • Development of backward linkages to the production sites, generating opportunities and income to the farmers and forward linkages from production centers, creating service facilities to the consumers at various locations of Nepal.